NEAR APAC is an official NEAR Foundation event and is positioned as the premier blockchain conference in the APAC region.

Through a series of insightful events running from June to September with the main conference scheduled for 8 – 12 September 2023, NEAR APAC brings together 100+ global blockchain leaders to discuss blockchain’s unlimited future through the latest blockchain technology updates, development trends, and how blockchain ecosystems drive Web3 mass adoption. With 8000+ participants including global crypto leaders, multi-chain ecosystem builders, Web2 and Web3 enterprises, VCs, universities, global media outlets, exchanges, investors, and blockchain enthusiasts, NEAR APAC is a great opportunity to not only gain insights into the Web3 space but also expand your connections and understanding about the local industry of APAC region, with a special focus on Vietnam, the country ranked #1 in the global crypto adoption index.

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